5 things to do in Prague for non-drinkers

To say Prague is to say beer. The capital of the Czech Republic is well-known for its brew, but what happens when you don’t like beer, you don’t drink alcohol or, like me, you travel with an abstemious?

cafe Prague

Don’t worry, there are so many other options to drink in Prague and make the most of your visit in the city.

1. Drink coffee

The offer of nice cafés in Prague is huge and can be a bit overwhelming if you are just a few days in the city. I would recommend the Tricafe, a cosy place, close to the Old City, managed by two friendly girls. You can take place in the sofa, nose around some of the books they have and be part of the account of nationalities who visit their café that is written on a blackboard. Guess who leads the rank…

cafe Prague 3

cafe Prague 2

Another good place to have coffee in Prague was the I need coffee. Again, two young girls behind the counter make fairly good coffee in a minimalist decorated shop.

coffee Prague

2. Get juicy

I was impressed by the big offer of bio options, vegetarian and vegan food in Prague. Apart from the grocery shops that you can find on your way around the city, there are many vegetarian restaurants and even the possibility to eat raw in Prague. For this reason, is pretty easy to find places to drink fresh squeezed juice, even in the city centre.

Juice Prague

For example, the Country Life is a vegetarian buffet restaurant where you can also have some decent fresh juice for a very fair price. Having a look in the bio shops or the cafés in the city you can also find a colourful variety of healthy bottled juices and drinks. I wish I could have stayed more than a weekend in Prague to try them all!

3. Go for chocolate

If you are sweet-toothed, you will sure enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate in Prague. if you want to go for a chocolate experience you definitely have to try the Choco-Café. This chocolate heaven is located close to the touristy streets, but is still pretty quiet and the atmosphere is really comfortable. They have a great offer of hot chocolate, which is more like a pudding (like the catalan style!) and I just can say it’s the most delicious chocolate I have had in a long time.

Chocolate Prague

They also have chocolate cakes and other specialities, as well as some non-sweet food. A perfect plan for autumn in Prague is to take your time here on a rainy day and enjoy the sweetness.

4. Visit a brewery

Even if you don’t like beer, one of the typical things to do in Prague is to visit some of the many breweries they have. They always will have at least one non-alcoholic beer or soft drinks and probably you can enjoy some good Czech food in a traditional environment, close to the beer tubs. You will just have to deal with the funny look of the waiter when you go for no beer but it is worth to have a total  Prague experience.

Beer Prague

5. Drink more coffee

Apart from the endless amount of modern cafés, you should also visit one of the classical cafés in Prague. Most of them are located around the Old City, so they probably will be full of visitors. There are many typical ones, that you’ll find in your guide, like the Kafka Café or the Louvre Café, but I would recommend the Obecní Dum. A beautiful café in art nouveau style that will make you time travel.

Dum Prague 2

Here you can enjoy a coffee in a classical environment while a trolley full of cakes goes around the maze of tables. It’s a good place to sit on a corner or on the upper floor and just observe the coming and going of tourist of all ages and nationalities that get in looking for some authentic Prague.

Dum Prague

You can also go to the street markets in Prague to get some drinks or loose tea, the options are many! So, it really doesn’t matter if you drink or not or if you like beer or coffee, because it’s always a good idea to spend some days in Prague and enjoy all the flavours that the big city of the Czech Republic can offer to quench your thirst.

Which are your favourite cafés or breweries in Prague? Is alcohol an important part of your journeys or you avoid it while travelling?

5 things to do in Prague for non-drinkers

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