(Cold) Sunday in Vienna

For me, autumn is the best time of the year. I love to see the trees changing colors, wear fluffy scarves and drink tea wrapped with a blanket. But some autumn days can be bitter cold and that may be a bit disappointing if you are just spending a few days in a new city and you don’t feel like walking the streets.

Museum Vienna

If this city happens to be the capital of Austria you will be fine, as there are many things to do on a cold Sunday in Vienna just around the Museumsquartier. This district in Vienna is one of the biggest cultural areas in the world. It opened in 2001 and its complex includes baroque buildings as well as modern ones. The Musemsquartier Square, with its colourful bank,s has become a meeting point for the summer in Vienna.

Museumsquartier Vienna

But before that, you should start your Sunday in Vienna with a good breakfast or a melange (the typical Viennese coffee with milk and foam) to warm you up for the day. If you also like books you can spend your morning in the Phil. This is not just a coffee shop but also a beautiful book and furniture shop. It’s a good place to have breakfast in Vienna and spend time looking for a book to take home or even a beautiful lamp.

Phil Vienna

Another option to have coffee in Vienna around this area is the Top Kino. As the name suggests, this is not just a cafe but also a cinema that programs alternative and European films. The perfect place for a cold evening!

Melange ViennaTop kino

After a satisfying breakfast and a warm cup of coffe you will be ready to visit some of the museums in the Museumsquartier. If you come from the metro station, you can easily get in from the side and walk to the main square through the galleries. Just getting in, the art and colours of the walls will surround you and you would feel in a very special environment!

Views Vienna

You can start visiting the Leopold Museum. This is the biggest Austrian art collection and you can find most of the works of the expressionist artist Egon Schiele. In the Leopold Museum you can also see some works from Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoshka and many examples of the Austrian art nouveau, called the Secession. They also have very good temporary exhibitions and if all the art makes you hungry you can have a snack or a drink in its cafe.

Mumok Vienna

Opposite to the Leopold there is the Mumok. This is a contemporary art museum in an impressive new building. They have very interesting temporary exhibitions. The shop of the Mumok has some fine design pieces and the cafe it is actually a sweet cup cake shop where you can also protect yourself from the cold.

Cup cake vienna

If you are visiting Vienna with children, maybe your place is in the Zoom, the Children’s Museum in the Museumsquartier or the Dschungel Wien, a theatre for young audiences. As you can see, there is place for all ages and tastes in the museums area of Vienna!

If you would like to go shopping in Vienna or you forgot to buy some souvenirs, you should know that on Sundays all the shops are closed in the city…but not in the Museumsquartier! Apart from the art shops in the museums, there is a lovely gift shop where you can also find Lomo cameras and products. Just next to it, the Walther König Bokkshop will delight all the art and photograph lovers. There are also other little shops, galleries and cafes in the cultural complex and you can explore them all.

Shopping ViennaShopping Vienna 2

Even with the cold weather in Vienna it’s good to stretch your legs a little bit. From the main entrance of the Museumsquartier you get to Marie-Theresien-Platz which is surrounded by the impressive buildings of the Naural History Museum and the Art History Museum… more art to visit, maybe? Getting out from the side of the complex you will find yourself on Mariehilfestrasse. It is nice to wander around this shopping street, unsually quiet. After a nice walk you can recover energies and have a bite in the classical Ritter Café.

Natural history MuseumMariehilferstrasse

Whatever are your tastes, don’t let the bad weather ruin your plans or your mood and make the most of autumn and winter when you travel. What other plans would you like to do when it’s cold in Vienna on in your cities?

(Cold) Sunday in Vienna

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