Secrets of Berlin. The Körnerpark

After one year living in Berlin and countless visits in the last years, I like to say that I know most of the places in this city, but luckily a place like the capital of Germany always gives you nice surprises.


On my recent short visit in Berlin, a friend took me to this lovely little spot in Neukölln that has all the ingredients to make me happy: a park, a gallery and a café! The Körnerpark is the perfect place to spend a day of autumn in Berlin and feel like you are actually in the gardens of a palace.

Autumn in Berlin

The Park

The Körnerpark is a small garden in the heart of Neukölln. In contrast with most of the parks in Berlin, which are usually big and wild, this little park is constructed in neobaroque style and radiates a feeling of structure and order. It is the perfect place to have a walk and enjoy the mix of colours of the season. Sitting on the grass is forbidden, so forget the grill here!

Orangery Körnerpark

The Park has a fountain and a cascade on one side and on the other side there is an orangery. The place was a donation from Mister Körner to the city of Rixdorf, which nowadays belongs to Neukölln. The Körnerpark is turning a 100 years on 2016, so it has been a silent witness of the history of Berlin. This park makes a real contrast with the rest of the neighbourhood and that makes it very special.


The Gallery

If you are looking for free exhibitions in Berlin, inside the building of the orangery, there is the Galerie im Körnerpark. This little and cosy gallery hosts artistic exhibitions and also concerts every Sunday. The big windows facing the park make for the perfect light and view while you enjoy some art.

Gallerie Körnerpark

There are many things to do in Berlin, but this gallery deserves a visit for sure. If you are interested in art there are also guided tours through the gallery on Sundays at 3pm.

The Café

The best way to end up your visit in the Körnerpark is paying a visit to the café. The Zitronencafé is a cozy and relaxed place with view to the park, where you can eat or have a coffee in Neukölln. The restaurant in the park is a little oasis to enjoy some fair trade products, and they also have food for fair prices. The place reopened in April of 2014 and they also organize cooking courses and events.

Café Körnerpark

I love to find out new things to do for free in Berlin, and this park in Neukölln was a great discovery! Do you want to share any secrets of Berlin or your cities?

Secrets of Berlin. The Körnerpark

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